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Maritime Specials

Check our Daily Deals for everyday discounts or save with our Senior and Veteran specials. Don’t forget to use your Maritime stamp card after every purchase to earn rewards!

Daily Deals

Medible Monday
Save 15% off Edibles (excludes hemp-derived CBD edibles)

Tokin’ Tuesday
Save 20% off Joint Packs and Prerolls (excludes Kief/Twax Joints)

Wellness Wednesday
Save 15% off all Hemp-derived CBD Products and Topicals

Thirsty Thursday
Save 15% off Medicated Beverages and Drinks

Fire Strain Friday
Save $1 off all Topshelf Gold Label Strain

Save 15% off Extracts, Concentrates, and Extracts

Sunday Funday
Choose any 1 Maritime Daily Deal for the day (see deals above)

Customer Discounts

U.S. Veteran’s Discount
Save 10% off total order. Thank you for serving! ID proof required.

Senior Citizen U.S. Veteran’s Discount
Veterans over 55 years of age – Save 12% off total order. Thank you for serving! ID proof required.

Senior Citizen Discount (55+)
Save 10% off total order. Must be 55 years of age or older. ID proof required.

Flower Prices

RECreational (tax included)

Strain Label 1g 1/8oz 1/4oz 1/2oz 1oz
Pink 1 g$6.00 1/8 oz$19.20 1/4 oz$36.00 1/2 oz$72.00 1 oz$138.00
Green 1 g$7.20 1/8 oz$24.00 1/4 oz$48.00 1/2 oz$90.00 1 oz$168.00
White 1 g$9.60 1/8 oz$31.20 1/4 oz$60.00 1/2 oz$108.00 1 oz$198.00
Orange 1 g$12.00 1/8 oz$39.60 1/4 oz$72.00 1/2 oz$132.00 1 oz$246.00
Gold 1 g$14.00 1/8 oz$45.60 1/4 oz$84.00 1/2 oz$150.00 1 oz$264.00

Medical (NoN-taxed)

Strain Label 1g 1/8oz 1/4oz 1/2oz 1oz
Pink 1 g$5.00 1/8 oz$16.00 1/4 oz$30.00 1/2 oz$60.00 1 oz$115.00
Green 1 g$6.00 1/8 oz$20.00 1/4 oz$40.00 1/2 oz$75.00 1 oz$140.00
White 1 g$8.00 1/8 oz$26.00 1/4 oz$50.00 1/2 oz$90.00 1 oz$165.00
Orange 1 g$10.00 1/8 oz$33.00 1/4 oz$60.00 1/2 oz$110.00 1 oz$205.00
Gold 1 g$12.00 1/8 oz$38.00 1/4 oz$70.00 1/2 oz$125.00 1 oz$220.00

Stamp Cards

Recreational Rewards

Get a stamp for each visit (once per day) and redeem a fully stamped card for some sweet rewards. Pick up your card today at Maritime and start earning rewards!

OMMP Rewards

Available for medical customers. If you’re interested in learning more about our medical stamp card program, ask a Maritime Budtender the next time you’re in.

Reward offers cannot be stacked with deals and other discounts. This card has no cash value. Use of this card is subject to change based on regulation and availability