Meet our vendors! 20% off on Maples Candy (FRIDAY) and Willamette Valley Alchemy (SATURDAY) 🍁
Tuesday June 4th, 2024 ⚓️ View Online

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Check out our upcoming events below! Meet our vendors and stock up on popular products. We rotate through different brands every month!

Maples Edibles
Friday 6/7/24 @ 12-2pm

☸ 20% off Maples Edibles
☸ Unmedicated Samples
☸ Stock on Candy & Syrup

*while supplies last

Learn About Brand
<div align="left">Maples Edibles
Saturday 6/8/24@ 5-8pm

☸ 20% off WVA Products
☸ Free Battery with 2 Cartridges
☸ Free Hot Knife w/any Dabs

*while supplies last

Learn About Brand
<div align="left">Willamette <br>Valley <br>Alchemy

Grön Edibles

10:1 Tart Cherry Sugar Coated Pearls
23.72mg THC Total
268.97mg CBN Total

$20.00 before tax
$24.00 after tax

Major Drinks

Now back in stock! Available in 3 flavors:
Peach Tea, Blue Raspberry, Grape

$11.67 before tax
$14.00 after tax

Shop assorted cannabis products at a great discount! Find our clearance case in the back of our cafe by the ATM machine.

No returns/exchange on clearance items.

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