Nogero Extracts Vendor Day this Friday 10/13 from 3-6pm! Free Battery with a Nogero cartridge 🔥
Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 ⚓️ View Online

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Take a look at our new Events Board now located at our front desk entrance! All upcoming events, sales, and vendor days will be posted there so you can keep track of deals whenever you come in-store.

Nogero Extracts
Nogero Extracts
Come check out Nogero Extracts this Friday 10/13 from 3-6pm! Enjoy 20% off all Nogero Cartridges all day and get a free Maxx Battery while supplies last (courtesy of vendor during event).
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White Label Extracts
White Label Extracts
Meet White Label Extracts next Friday 10/20 from 1-3pm and save 20% off their entire brand for the day! Come learn about their brand and products while their knowledgeable team is on site.
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Hapy Kitchen + Sand Castle Hash Co.
Hapy Kitchen + Sand Castle Hash Co.
Join us for a special dual vendor day on Saturday 10/28 from 3-6pm featuring Hapy Kitchen and Sand Castle Hash Co! Save 20% off both brands all day including the entire Hapy Kitchen edible selection and Sand Castle concentrates.

Critical Plus


THC: 29.80%
Grower: Garden of the Gods

Critical Plus is a balanced marijuana hybrid, and was the winner of the first High Life Cup competition in Barcelona. Scents of skunk and limes, with a solid punch, this classic PNW strain is sure to find a spot on your favorites list.


$25.00 eighth tax included

Maritime 1g Distillate Cartridges

All flavors are now back in stock at a reduced price!


- Blackberry Kush

- Blue Dream

- Grandaddy Purple

- Jack Herer

- Pineapple SSH

- Strawberry Cough

- Super Lemon Haze


$27.50 before tax

$33.00 after tax

Out Cold 1g Live Rosin

Find this in our concentrates fridge!


Kombucha (78.16% THC)

$32.00 before tax

$36.40 after tax


Sherbreath (78.37% THC)

$36.00 before tax

$43.20 after tax

Bo's Nose Knows 1g Live Rosin

Find this in our concentrates fridge!


Cherry Cocktail (70.94% THC)

$44.00 before tax

$52.80 after tax


Hot Sauce (75.63% THC)

$48.00 before tax

$57.60 after tax

Note: Menu above does not guarantee product availability. Please check in-store for the most up-to-date product selection from our clearance case.


All clearance items are final sale!

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