Verdant Leaf Vendor Day this Friday 3-6pm! 20% off their Flower & Rosin 💚
Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 ⚓️ View Online

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Vendor Day
Vendor Day
Verdant Leaf is stopping by this Friday 9/8 from 3-6pm! Come check out their products and learn more about the benefits of Terpenes and Live Rosin. Enjoy 20% off all Verdant Leaf Flower and Rosin while supplies last. We hope to see you soon!
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September Super Sale


Enjoy 25% off discount on select CannaCreations CBD Tinctures and Lotion while supplies last, a great time to stock up. Available this month only!



- Full Spectrum CBD/CBD-V Tincture
- Broad Spectrum Tincture (1245mg)
- CBD Tea Tree/Lemon Lotion (1638mg)


CBD / CBD-V Tincture

CBD: 857.2mg

CBD-V: 508mg


What's CBD-V?

Similar to CBD, CBD-V is a cannabis molecule derived from Hemp and does not make you "high" when consumed. Studies show promising effects in helping those who suffer seizures, epilepsy, neurobehavioral issues, muscular dystrophy, and other related problems. Read more about its full benefits and effects here!


$30.00 no tax (Hemp)

Unbranded Blunts

Strains Available:

- Permanent Marker 2g Blunt (26.11%)

- Spritzer 2g Blunt (29.11%)


$24.17 before tax

$29.00 after tax

Mule Edibles

Live Resin Strawberry Lemonade

100mg Mini Kickers (10pk Gummies)


$16.66 before tax

$20.00 after tax

Willamette Valley Alchemy

Wooden tipped, glass cartridges from WVA are back in stock!

Check below for strains available for both Cured and Live Resin options.

Cured Resin Strains:

- 1g Lava Cake (80.60%)

- 1g MAC Mosa (81.90%)

$35.00 before tax

$42.00 after tax


Live Resin Strains:

- 1g Tropical Runtz (69.30%)


$43.00 before tax

$51.60 after tax

Make sure to check our back clearance case for all our discounted products. We have a lot of tinctures available and Mother Magnolia Joint Packs that need to go! Find our cheapest deals and discounts below.

Note: Menu above does not guarantee product availability. Please check in-store for the most up-to-date product selection from our clearance case.


All clearance items are final sale!

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