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Mana Extracts

Mana Extracts

Mana Extracts

Vendor Type: Concentrates
Date & Time: Sat (10/06) @ 4-7pm


Join us this Saturday (10/06) from 4-7pm to meet with Mana Extracts and enjoy 20% off all their products that day while supplies last! Meet their crew to learn more about what sets their oil apart from the rest. Mana Extracts team members will be handing out FREE swag! Stop in and get top quality oil for a great price!



"Mana Extracts has a mantra; never produce anything if it isn't going to be the best. This mindset applies to every aspect of our business. We hand select the best possible plants to harvest, constantly and meticulously perfect lab processes, discover new ways to increase product quality, and are pioneering a new generation of concentrate products that will be the new gold standard of the industry. If it has our name on it, you know you're getting the best." -From Their Website

20% Off Mana Extracts Strains:

  • Mana Extracts- Kief Cakes
    THC: 27.87% CBD: 0.14%

  •  Mana Extracts- Chernobyl Shatter
    THC: 70.44% CBD: 0.00%

  • Mana Extracts- Grandaddy Purple x ASK Sugar Wax
    THC: 783.72% CBD: 0.32%

  • Mana Extracts- GMO Shatter
    THC: 78.28% CBD: 0.12%

  • Mana Extracts- Grease Monkey Sugar Wax
    THC: 79.37% CBD: 0.27%

  • Mana Extracts- Key Lime Supreme Shatter
    THC: 79.11% CBD: 0.18%
  • Mana Extracts- LYOG Supreme Live Resin 
    THC: 74.61% CBD: 0.11%
  • Mana Extracts- Strawberry Cough Live Resin
    THC: 76.75% CBD: 0.14%


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