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Hydrus Hydroponics

Hydrus Hydroponics

Hydrus Hydroponics

Vendor Type: Flower
Date & Time: Monday (9/03) @ 3-6pm
Website: www.hydrushydroponics.com

      Celebrate Labor Day (9/03) with Hydrus Hydroponics at Maritime from 3-6pm! Come say hi and meet the growers as they showcase their most popular strains: Dawgy Treats and Cosmic Cookies. Talk to their representatives to learn more about their indoor grown flower and oil! They'll be handing out T-shirts and stickers with purchase from 3-6pm while supplies lasts.

      ​​"At Hydrus Hydroponics, our mission is to provide top-shelf flowers in Oregon at a price everyone can afford." -From Their Website


      Save up to 40% off all Hydrus Hydroponic Products!

      Dawgy Treats Deals:

      • Dawgy Treats Flower - Med: $8.00/g Rec: $9.60/g
      • Dawgy Treats Kief Joints - Med: $8.00/g Rec: $9.60/g
      • Dawgy Treats Kief - Med: $5.00/g Rec: $6.00/g
      • Dawgy Treats Shatter - Med: $11.67/g Rec: $14.00/g


      Cosmic Cookies Deals:

      • Cosmic Cookies Flower - Med: $8.00/g Rec: $9.60/g
      • Cosmic Cookies Shatter - Med: $20.00/g Rec: $24.00/g



      *Hydrus Hydroponics product photography credit @HydrusHydroponics. Deals available while supplies last. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

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