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2019 School Supply Drive

Penny Half Gram Assorted Strains:

Afghan Goo (20.49% THC, 0.49% CBD)
Wesley Wish (4.49% THC, 12.77% CBD)
Rouge Valley Wreck (19.40% THC, 0.00% CBD)
Canna Tsu (3.32% THC, 10.59% CBD)
Mendo Montage (21.60% THC, 0.00% CBD)
Lemon Heads (18.40% THC, 0.00% CBD)
Oregon Diesel (14.87% THC, 0.00% CBD)
FPH (22.20% THC, 0.21% CBD)
Essential Sensi (16.23% THC, 0.00% CBD)

No particular order and while supplies last!

Donate $5 worth of school supplies to receive a token for the penny half gram deal and with store purchase requiredAsk a Maritime Budtender for any questions and drop off all donations at our Front Desk. Thank you for your support in helping our local community!



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