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1st Annual Harvest Week

1st Annual Harvest Week

Know where your Cannabis comes from!

Our 1st Annual Harvest Week is coming up during the first week of December! A 5-day long (Mon-Fri) event featuring local growers and cannabis producers from all over Oregon. Come and meet the Growers, learn more about their farm (or greenhouse), and check out fresh products from their recent harvest!

Event Schedule:

Elysian Craft Cultivation (Clones)
Monday (12/3) @ 5-8pm
- Providing Free Clone Nutrient and Soil Samples
Customer Education on Clone Care and Growth
- Flower Showcase: Blue Lights and White Tahoe Cookies
- Clone Showcase: Blue Lights

Orekron (Flower)
Tuesday (12/4) @ 12-4pm
- Flower Showcase: Beaver Helmet, Crockett's Con, Jack & Cheese, and more!

Green Earth Hemp (Tinctures)
Wednesday (12/5) @ 1-4pm
Education on Hemp Harvest vs Cannabis Harvest
Wellness Wednesday - Save 15% off all Hemp-CBD Products!
- Tincture Showcase: CBD Glycerine Oil Tincture and CBD Olive Oil Tincture

Old Apple Farm (Flower)
Thursday (12/6) @ 4-7pm
- Flower Showcase: Ape Berry, White Walker Kush, and 9 Pound Hammer

Grown Rogue (Flower)
Friday (12/7) @ 4-7pm
- Flower Showcase: Tangie Cure (CBD), Sizzleberry, and Mickey Kush


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